Dillish Protesting For The Youth Rubs Trolls The Wrong Way

"Is she broke?"

By  | Mar 23, 2023, 02:24 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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Dillish Mathews took part in the Youth Unemployment Protest in Namibia, adding her voice to the high unemployment among the youth. Although this is a noble act, a troll decided to water down her intensions by saying she did it because she is broke.

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A tweep by the name of, Kris Kaambona Alweendo questioned whether Dillish was really there to stand with the youth or it is because she is broke, "If Dillish was there for solidarity I salute her, if she was there coz she is now broke I'm sorry for her..."

Dillish caught wind of the tweet and clapped back by saying, "You don't want to got there with me little girl."
Fans defended Mathews and trolled the troll right back.

"Dillish isn’t broke & she’ll never be broke. I can’t believe you’re shaming her for supporting the Youth, she’s a celebrity & she used her visibility to create awareness for an important cause. Your tweet is uncalled for, as all Dillish does is live her life & minds her business."
As young people and this how we think of each others, your acc balance might be people's cellphone number but do better young friend.

"If she's broke she can sell her house and car to start up a business why you broke people don't like broke people."
The march was organised by Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Michael Amushelelo. He thanked Dillish for taking part. Protesters met up at the Katutura Youth Centre on March 21.

"We would like to thank @dillishmathews for also standing in solidarity with the unemployed Namibians. We are proud to inform you that she will also be joining us tomorrow for the National Protest Against Unemployment on the 21st March 2023."

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