Dillish Matthews Throws Major Shade On All Her Exes

Or was she speaking to Adebayor?

By  | Mar 03, 2022, 10:00 AM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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For the longest time, reality TV star Dillish Matthews has always teased her fans on her relationship status, especially after she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Emmanuel Adebayor. 

The two had quite the messy fallout and with the way she has been talking about love and relationships off late, many are still left wondering whether or not she has found a new love. 

Just recently, Dillish took to her Instagram stories to what seems like throwing some major shade on her exes. 

It all started when she posted a hilarious video of two guys asking as to why men don’t sleep well at night, only for the other to reply saying that even the Bible says that there is no sleep for the wicked. 

This is hands down a hilarious clip, except Dillish decided to shock her fans when she gave her own two cents. She wrote saying, “For all the men who have tried to play me since I’ve become single… hope you don’t sleep well ever again.” 

Screenshot: IG Stories

Now while it was in response to the hilarious video she shared, fans cannot help but feel that she is actually dissing her exes, and the only current ex we know is the one and only Adebayor. 

But if you think about it, is it not just the other day when she was teasing fans on her Insta with photos of gifts and goodies she had gotten from her new bae? Surely, that was not a trick was it? 

Or when she announced that she was finally giving the man who had been courting for 7 years a chance? Talk about confusing the enemy!

Well, if her post is anything to go by, sis is most definitely single and has no time for all the wicked men who did her dirty in the past. Hope the person this message was intended, has gotten the message loud and clear. 

Let us not also forget that she too has been caught in quite controversial circumstances, especially after she was accused of cheating and manipulating her ex Adebayor. Not only that, Dillish was also said to be the reason Avril’s relationship with her then fiance was ruined. 

So to wish ill on those who’ve crossed her in the past, let us hope that those she’s hurt are not also making the same prayer. 

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