Dillish Mathews Raise Eyebrows After Sharing A Pregnancy Calendar

Is she ready to become a mommy?

By  | Jan 11, 2021, 01:31 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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Dillish Mathews closed off 2021 on a dramatic note after her dramatic break-up with soccer star Emmanuel Adebayor. This follows after he exposed her for dribbling him and now she has raised eyebrows on whether she is expecting her bundle of joy very soon.

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The media personality took to her Instagram stories and posted a picture of a week by week pregnancy calendar and she captioned it with an "8" followed by an emoji with heart eyes.

Dillish also posted a story and said "I am not pregnant yet, just practicing for the future." We cannot wait to meet her bundle of joy when she decided to have one.
Screenshots: @DillishMathews

While it remains unclear whether homegirl has found new love, Dillish caught the smoke in 2020 when she shaded her ex-boyfriend Adebayor on social media, following their breakup. Edebayor hit back at her and exposed her for allegedly cheating and called her a narcissist.

"Imagine you go to THE  beach with your partner to spend the weekend. Your partner then introduces you to a man over there and says ‘this is my rich uncle’. A few months later you are told that the man is actually not her uncle,"

"Your girlfriend tells you ‘babe I’m going for a weekend trip with my best friend in Namibia. A few days later she’s completely unreachable then you end up finding out that YOur girlfriend is in Luanda, Angola, and says she doesn’t know how she got there,"
wrote Adebayor who exposed her.

In 2020 the former lovebirds trended on social media, after it came to the masses' attention that they broke up. News of their breakup was revealed by the soccer star on social media who said he did not want to marry a "comedienne".

This follows after Emmanuel Adebayor posted a snap of his alleged new bae on Instagram, with the caption "SEA, keep distracting us with the look." An Instagram user commented on the snap and said Dillish is more beautiful than the girl and she has a great sense of humor, hoping they will rekindle their love again. Emmanuel responded and said, "I do not want to mary comedienne."

Following news that they had broken up Dillish fans were up in arms and issued out a stern warning to the soccer star, that he must not come back to Namibia to seek a relationship otherwise hell will break loose.

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