Dillish Mathews Exposes Her Imposter

Why would anyone do this?

By  | Mar 04, 2022, 03:31 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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It goes without saying that reality TV star Dillish Matthews is one of the most adored celebrities here in Nam. She has a huge following and her loyal fans are always happy to hear from her and her everyday life. 

Being a celebrity of course often means that people will always want to be like you, either because they are fans or because they have other ulterior motives. And this time Dillish has actually uncovered an imposter purporting to be her.


Just recently, Dillish was made aware of an Instagram account that was reposting her images and even though the user did not really use Dillish’s name, looking at the timeline would have many think it was her. 

She then immediately took it to her Insta stories to ask her fans to report the account before someone got scammed and ruined her reputation all together. The account has still not been deleted or deactivated, and fans are not happy about it either. 



From the look of things, it seems that they are really only just a huge fan of the actress and we can only hope that she is not intending to scam anyone anytime soon. 

This comes barely a few days after Dillish took to her social media to also put her exes on blast. 

This was in reaction to a hilarious video about why men do not sleep well at night, and Dillish also wished that none of her exes would ever sleep well at night.

Now while of course it was not exactly sure which of her ex she was talking about, many speculated that she was still bitter about her messy break up with soccer star Emmanuel Adebayor. 

If you can remember, the reason for their break up had been apparently because Dillish was reportedly cheating and manipulating Adebayor while they were still together. Yes, you read that right. 

It is not yet clear whether or not these allegations were true, but Dillish has actually been moving on quite fine. In fact, all she has been doing is teasing her fans saying that she has a new bae in her life who is treating her like a princess. 

Well, whether true or not, one thing that is for sure is that she is living her best life yet and we love to see it. 

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