Dillish And DJ Seboa Gang Up On Meriam

Wigs snatched, nails, phones broken and promises for more

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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In typical cat fight style Namibia’s Big Brother winner Dillish Matthews and her friend DJ Seboa pounced on the model and Miss Africa 2014, Meriam Kaxuxwena in one Windhoek’s uptown nightclubs barely a month after the duo had threatened on social media to beat her up.

Eyewitnesses said the duo threw a surprised MK off the couch pulled her wig off, broke her nails as well as her Xmax iPhone.  According to the Shaderoom.news Instagram's post Dillish and her friend had to be carried out of the club on their first attempt but a clearly defiant Dillish returned and took a seat next to MK and once again started provoking her.
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MK confirmed the incident saying “I already opened a case against them. I told them I don’t want to fight and they still came after me. I am not a violent person and I will never fight with anyone even when I told them I do not want to fight in public,” Mk.
The bone of contention in this fight appears to be Togolese soccer start Emmanuel Adebayor whom Dillish is dating but who MK claims have spent a night in her bed in London.

Last month Meriam wrote on her Instastory, “I hope Dillish wore the MK lingerie that she bought from me two years ago when she’s with her soccer player in bed because that’s the same lingerie I wore when I slept in the same bed with Adebayor in London. I didn’t fvxk him that night. Remind her that I met him before she did.”
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She also mocked Dillish to “"enjoy while she can, I still have his WhatsApp number!! Don’t get too excited for things I could have same way you met him!! Same way I met him.” This clearly angered Dillish who threatened to beat up MK calling her a “little boy”, a threat she has now clearly fulfilled.
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Main image credit: Dillish Mathews/ Instagram
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