Exit Rockaz Loses A Loved One

Messages of condolences are pouring in

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 09:05 AM  | David "Exit" Shikalepo  | Drama

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Talented local musician Exit Rockaz has taken to his social media accounts to announce that he has lost someone close to his heart. Exit said he has lost his brother Shipingo who was also known as Lola.

Whilst it remains unclear whether the deceased was a family member or a friend, messages of condolences have been pouring in following his passing. An inconsolable Exit said he will miss him dearly and paid tribute to him.

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"R.I.P my brother Shipindo a.k.a Lola’s...Why the f*** did you go first, bro? You had so much life so much fun in you. I love you, I will see you again," he shared.

His followers have reacted to the heartbreaking news and comforted him during this sad time.

@Xentrix2021 commented "😢😢it's time for us to change our ways. God has taken him..he fulfilled his journey he is at a safe place now leaving all the earth obstacles...Rest easy Brother!!😭

@Master_nomdeplume "😢 Condolences brother.. May he Rest In Peace,"

Exit recently announced that he will soon be taking a hiatus from the music scene and left shook The musician said he will not be recording music in a year and a half. Exit who is a father of two kids said he is dedicating his time to fatherhood because his kids need him.

Good News Or Bad News? Okay! The Bad News is 1. I’m officially working on my businesses officially from now on, hands-on. 2nd. My kids want daddy so I will not be recording for 1 and a half year. Good News: I will perform If you can afford me and my family," he tweeted.

Exit's last album was Die Hele Box and it became a hit instantly. The musician worked with DJ Kboz, and Samuel Ngodji on this masterpiece and they did the most. From the day Die Hele Box got released fans went wild and started talking about it non-stop, complementing the artists on producing such a dope album.

The release of the album was surrounded by drama after it was leaked on YouTube. Exit came out with guns blazing to slam the culprit, "He stepped in the wrong direction. I will make it my mission to arrest he’s Punk ass. My videos can have 600,000 views and he will have one with 500,000 views as well, meaning I’m a million something views worthy. but stolen by him. I’ll get him! Just watch," said the musician in a Twitter rant.

Exit and Samuel were recently accused of stealing Die Hele Box's brand. Two young artists exposed them on social media claiming Exit had promised to compensate them a whopping 30k for using their brand but he did not honor his promise.

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