The Real Reason Charmy Left RTE Records

She exposes the record label

By  | Aug 12, 2022, 10:47 AM  | Charmy Kurz  | Drama

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"I’m coming for everything they said I wouldn’t get. I’m the devils biggest threat" - This is Charmy Kurz' new motto and she is making it clear that she is coming for what's hers. The Namibian-born singer made headlines a few days ago when it she announced that she is leaving RTE Records and is going independent.

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Charmy went on Instagram live and exposed the record label of numerous things. She specifically named Ennio Hamutenya and made some allegations about him.

Apparently, Charmy has an Only Fans and Ennio used that money to make ends meet for himself. She also alleged that there is a documentary about her but she did not give it the stamp of approval.

The same record label she left, was apparently started using her money and their work relationship was allegedly abusive.

Another allegation she made was that they apparently took away her dog.

Charmy was recently bullied for letting go of the Only Fans Charmy to now singing Gospel and being a full-blown Christian.

Charmy wiped clean her Instagram feed and only filled it with pictures and videos of her in church. But she seems to have now brought everything back but in a much cleaner way.

Letting go of that IG baddie image, Charmy wrote a short note, revealing all the good things God has done for her encouraging others to change their ways as well, "God, thank you for reminding me who I am. You took me away from all this for awhile and showed me the truth. Thank you for bringing me out from the Darkness. Thank you for forgiving me for what I was and for what I did. Thank you for helping me to forgive myself and others. Thank you for healing me from my unrighteousness. Your light will shine through me and my voice forever, in Jesus Name. To any young girl or grown woman seeing this, you can be renewed."

Take a listen to one of her newest tracks Jehova which she said lifted her up during her lowest.

"Wrote this on the spot, I tell stories through my music. I know it’ll help someone heal. Love does hurt sometimes but you have to forgive and move on. It will be okay. Everything happens for a good reason. Everything is a blessing even if it hurts you, it’s a blessing," she encouraged.

Despite what others might think of her, Charmy is a proud Namibian girl. She penned a sweet note to her Namibian younger fans and even shared a selfie with them.

"I come from such a small country and getting support from the younger generation means more to me then anything. They got my back and I got theirs. They are my biggest motivation. I will never give up on my dream or them, I want them to believe and see that anything is possible🤍 that you can dream big and live it out fully. Anything is Possible even for a Namibian kid."

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