Brownson Lukas Gets Arrested

The details of his arrest are juicy!

By  | Mar 13, 2023, 06:03 PM  | Drama

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Trouble seems to be following Brownson Lukas as he was allegedly arrested on the weekend. More details come from Oma Juices, who allege that he harrassed his rumoured ex-girlfriend after she dumped him. It is said he refused to be dumped so he resorted to allegedly harass her and her friends.

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Drama always follows the troublesome forex trader Brownson Lukas who was reportedly arrested on Saturday. The self-proclaimed businessman allegedly assaulted and even broke into Dr. Amesho's apartment after refusing to accept their break up.
The alleged assault apparently took place a Wine Bar in full view of other people. The police had to be called.
In January the couple sued Julieta Amushelelo, wife of politician and former forex trader Michael Amushelelo.

Julieta unapologetically told them to go to hell and would meet them in court as she would never cough up an apology nor pay them the 125K they demand.

"So I received this a minute ago from the doctor and her kak forex trader boyfriend. Apparently I should apologise within 24 hours or else they are both seeking compensation of 125K each. So I am here writing this message to both of them, please find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to say, Fusek, meet me in court!" exclaimed Julieta.

In another IG post, she said, "Took y'all long enough, I have been waiting." Julieta commented on a report by The Namibian accusing Brownson of domestic violence, which then got her into trouble.

Lukas first denied assaulting Ndapewa the first time it was alleged he assaulted her. On IG he wrote, "I love her she was there for me during my darkest moments, whether we get back together or not and actually marry it's up to her, it's beyond me now. Too much hate and I understand," he started off.

"There was no beating or kicking or her having swollen eyes or blood as the media is portraying.  We had an argument and I was a fool because of alcohol. She was not at fault or wrong, she was only trying to help. When the officers got involved, they made matters worse by insisting she must open a case of 'assault through threatening' so I had an exchange of words in the argument with her."

"I did not beat her but I was a fault for causing the whole situation, it wasn't supposed to happen," he added. "One thing is for sure, I will fight for her because clearly me being happy with her was making you people unhappy.'

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