Brownson Living His Best Life Out On Bail

He was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend

By  | Aug 12, 2022, 09:54 AM  | Drama

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Brownson Lukas who was arrested a few days ago after he and his girlfriend got involved in an argument has been released on bail. After various media reports  suggested that he was arrested for assault, he set the record straight saying he got charged with 'assault through threatening.'

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This week Brownson posted IG stories suggesting that he is out on bail. He posted video clips of him vibing to a song and even said he needs a new haircut.

According to New Era Newspaper, he got released on N$ 50 000 bail at the Windhoek Magistrate's court. His bail release comes with strict conditions as he is not supposed to be 500 metres anywhere near the woman he is accused of assaulting. This includes anywhere she might be. Be it work or even at church.

He is also barred from communicating with her directly or indirectly, even on social media. Neither is he allowed to communicate with witnesses as his might interfere with the investigation.

The state however wished he was not granted bail because they "fear that he will fulfil the threats he made against her during the altercation on 16 June that led to his second arrest."

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The publication states that Lukas is charged with common assault and malicious damage to property.

He had previously denied assaulting her and shared numerous Instagram stories addressing this. "I love her she was there for me during my darkest moments, whether we get back together or not and actually marry it's up to her, it's beyond me now. Too much hate and I understand," he started off.

"There was no beating or kicking or her having swollen eyes or blood as the media is portraying.  We had an argument and I was a fool because of alcohol. She was not at fault or wrong, she was only trying to help. When the officers got involved, they made matters worse by insisting she must open a case of 'assault through threatening' so I had an exchange of words in the argument with her."

"I did not beat her but I was a fault for causing the whole situation, it wasn't supposed to happen," he added.

"One thing is for sure, I will fight for her because clearly me being happy with her was making you people unhappy.'

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This is his second offense when it comes to Gender-Based Violence as earlier this year he was released on N$15 000 bail for assaulting his former girlfriend. 

In court, he said he too was assaulted by the former girlfriend, "If that's what I had done, she would have had open wounds, or injuries, or blue eyes, but she does not have any of that," Lukas said in his testimony.

"She came and slapped me and started insulting me in front of everyone. The people even had to stop the music, I went to my car and drove home, but she followed me," he was quoted as saying.

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