Brownson In Hot Soup Again!

People sing a different tune about him now

By  | Jul 24, 2022, 06:46 PM  | Drama

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Controversial forex trader Brownson Lukas also known as John Wick, makes headlines once again for all the wrong reasons.

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This time the personality is accused of smuggling a phone into prison. This was after his arrest where he was imprisoned for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Setting the record straight on why he was arrested, Brownson said he and his bae got into a fight then the police got involved and things went from bad to worse.

"There was no beating or kicking or her having swollen eyes or blood as the media is portraying.  We had an argument and I was a fool because of alcohol. She was not at fault or wrong, she was only trying to help. When the officers got involved, they made matters worse by insisting she must open a case of 'assault through threatening' so I had an exchange of words in the argument with her"

He went no IG  to set the record straight and this had many people wondering if he was writing this behind prison walls.

Reacting to this were Instagram users who said:

@war_yeah: "I feel so sad reading all the comments for all the previous days since this guys incident, as I have a brother I have always thought of if people can hate on such a normal human being like this that of course probably did something to some people, but not a country/world at large, but he’s suffering the whole nation offensive and vulgar words.

The user then continued by adding that people should stop judging John Wick, "It’s very sad. We all make mistakes please help the guy if you can instead of coming to throw bad words to someone who probably needs the very serious help. We still don’t have the foundation/cemented information to why he does what he did, but conduct them guy face to face to understand the area he needs help, please let’s help each other instead of bringing each other down and later come to preach about mental health."

@celmatn: "I was shattered when a certain group that supposed to be a comfort group, people are bitter, if that guy commits suicide today they will all write rest in peace, and preach about mental health."

One user opposing the narrative of showing the controversial forex trader some remorse said, "Do we have to wait for him to hurt the whole country to talk? Maybe yes we ain't supposed to be putting him down, hating on him and things but broer, looking at what he has been posting, he doesn't even seem sorry. He put himself down. He's still just focusing on his money and things. 

"In my opinion he doesn't deserve to be pitied because he's too prideful and he's not even remorseful of what he did. If you are wrong and you don't know that you are wrong you will never change. He should be told that he is WRONG. Nigga went in jail and came out talking about sanitizing poverty with money, what's that? His money should support him, he most have a lot of it," commented @_.smiley.yy.

Other comments read: 

@10_million_92: "Sometimes people enjoy someone's life fucked up even he done mistakes several times. But remember what you laugh on someone tomorrow one day you will be in the same situation and you will remember him

@paper__mafia: "Being in prison doesn't make him a bad man, just like being free doesn't always make him a good one, they should free the nigga.

@merky_el: "To my understanding this guy need help! I'm not condoning whatever it is that happened, but eish come on I don't think he's really himself! Dude needs THERAPY honestly speaking! I feel like we are just too quick to label him bad and what not. Yes, what he did is bad and the matter is before courts, but right now I don't it's necessary to throw all sort of words, he really need help!"

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