Blossom Accused Of Faking Pregnancy

Here's what she has to say about this

By  | Jun 15, 2022, 03:46 PM  | Drama

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Musician Blossom, real name Ruusa Munalye has shaken the timeline with her baby bump. Although she announced her pregnancy in January this year, some people still have a hard time believing that she is indeed pregnant. But she said she would prove to the naysayers that she is indeed expecting.

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Blossom has been flaunting her baby bump for a few months now and explained being pregnant is the best feeling she has ever felt. She thanked her fans and supporters for the love they give her throughout her pregnancy journey. She said she would be getting pregnant again and said the people who doubt that she is indeed pregnant will eat their words this weekend.

"Thank you for the love & congratulations for my pregnancy I definitely want to get pregnant again. For those saying my pregnancy looks fake, I will settle that confusion this coming weekend."

She is also battling the weird cravings which came with her pregnancy, like many women and she stated what she craves the most. "Pregnancy makes you eat everything, tohakana lela! If you were the one and I start craving 'eengeshu' would you go and get them for me."

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Let us take a look at her pregnancy journey thus far.

Blossom knows how to ruffle her fans by giving out mixed signals. She had people confused that she is a mother to a son. She posted pics of herself bonding with her son.

"Motherhood loading but first, a Hot Gentleman." Blossom said this as though she gave birth to the baby boy.

Her friend also added to the confusion and congratulated her, "Congratulations princess. I’m so happy for you, welcome to motherhood you will make a great mum I know, congratulations once again."

The musician is a well spoken woman who does not want to bite her tongue when addressing certain social ills. She put president Hage Geingob on blast after he expressed devastation over the passing of Tanzanian president John Magufuli. The president died from heart complications.

"If Dr. Magufuli was your brother, what did you learn from him? Dr. Magufuli never traveled to Europe or America or China, never allowed the infiltration of looters, never entertained the depopulation agenda of COVID, vaccines, nor its briberies," wrote an angry Blossom.

"He was killed fighting for his people! While most are busy promoting a vaccine that will kill millions of their people! So again I ask, what did you learn from him? To all African 'Presidents' please do not mock the spirit of our legend! Just stay where you are, Because if he gives us a sign right now," she wrote.

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