Betty Davids’ Mystery Man Revealed!

Rumours That Betty Davids’ Husband’s Identity Is Now Known

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 03:48 PM  | Drama

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Betty Davids recently got engaged to her mystery man. Before their engagement, Betty Davids had been pregnant with their baby and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She has been open about her relationship status but not so much about who the lucky guy is.

She has taken to Instagram to keep us all in the loop by posting pictures of herself with captions that tell us all we need to know. She recently posted a picture announcing her engagement in a stunning red dress that definitely did justice to her body.

Fans were very excited with this information and congratulated her letting her know how happy they were for us. She has made it clear that she is extremely happy in her relationship and was delighted to welcome her baby boy into this world.

However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this mystery man of hers. She has refused to say or reveal who he is. Posting pictures and videos on her Instagram story, she made to hide his face. Even in her engagement posts, she has blurred him to the point of no recognition.

Her reason to keep him a secret is unknown and fans are dying to know who it is that snatched Betty Davids from the single life. Some wish her all the best and are patient about her wishes to keep him a secret but some are getting antsy. 

The controversy started up on Twitter when a user posting a thread of tweets and images allegedly exposing her secret bea. Betty had already faced a lot of negativity and hate from fans over her push gift.

She received a luxury G-Wagon Mercedes Benz from her soon-to-be husband agitating a lot of fans. They took to social media to attack her for receiving this extravagant gift, claiming that a push gift did not have to be so luxurious. 

This did not help the reaction to the events that took place soon after. The Twitter user spoke about Betty’s mystery man revealing him to be Shapwa Kanyama. She continued to expose him, claiming that he is involved in a huge controversy and that strict action should be taken against him. 

She wrote that he, along with Dr. Naik, used Vahekini and Nakameka to create emergencies at CMS in order to gain profits. This included kickbacks of millions of Namibian dollars. Angry at how they got away with this, she asked the ACC to investigate the matter. 

Other Twitter users interacted with the tweet, adding in what they know of the matter. Another user posted an image that contained the information above. The user went on to state that Shapwa Kanyama, Betty’s alleged mystery man, bought the G-Wagon with Swapo cartel money.

This caused already angry fans to become even angrier. There has been no comment made by Betty Davids on this matter nor has she confirmed the rumors of her fiance to be Shapwa Kanyama. Like everyone else, we are waiting to see what Betty Davids and the ACC say about the matter and whether the allegations are true or false. 

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