Babes Wodumo's Weight Comes Under Scrutiny

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By  | Feb 21, 2021, 11:49 AM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Babes Wodumo is currently focussed on maintaining love-and-money-lives-here with her fiancé, stable mate, collaborator, etc., Mampintsha Shimora. The celebrity couple that is en route to finally saying I do, have for the past couple of years kept the tumultuousness of their relationship away from the scrutiny of the media. A skill that has been honed following the two discovering how detrimental it can be for a relationship to continue growing when placed under the scrutiny of the media. 

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However, recently the “Indando Kazi” musician faced some scrutiny on Twitter when the matter of her weight was rehashed. This is not the first that the matter has been brought up. The first was during her and Mapintsha’s “Bonnie & Clyde” era. An image of the musician surfaced which suggested that she had a lost a drastic amount of weight. Due to the context of the time the image went viral, suggestions were that Babes Wodumo leaned on substance abuse to deal with the abuse that she faced at the hands of her now fiancé

But then she returned with new music and supporting visuals and the conversation of her weight was forgotten. Moreover, there were even suggestions that she was pregnant that were later dismissed. Therefore, when a recent image of the star surfaced and due to the awkward pose she was standing in, she was suggested to have continued on the trajectory of losing more weight. However, due to the current status of her relationship, the blame has not fallen on Mampintsa. But the weight loss has been attributed to the allegations that Babes Wodumo is a substance abuse addict.
Another matter that the image drew attention to was the sexual orientation of one of her best friends and fellow musician, Dladla Mshunqisi. Tweeps took to the timeline to question whether he was wearing leggings in the image, which eventually winded down to his sexual orientation. Now, we are not ones to say or speculate. But what we will do is leave his latest post below and leave the rest for the public to decide.
Babes Wodumo seemed unbothered with the criticism, as she took to Instagram to share more visuals of her time with Dladla Mshunqisi. Now, the article suggested that the pose was the matter and not Babes Wodumo’s weight that is the issue. For proof, her is the most recent video of the star dancing on stage. In the video, her weight loss, if any, does not seem drastic considering that she has always been thin.

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