Anele Mdoda Did Not Mince Her Words

She showed Phat Joe his rightful place

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

Anele Mdoda has made some huge strides in the entertainment industry and she continues to solidify her name. She has been in the industry for over a decade now and there's no stopping her hustle. The 947 host recently came at Phat Joe with the harshest clapback after Phat Joe shared some not so popular comments about Anele.

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Recently Anele bagged a gig to be a judge for this year's Miss South Africa pageant along side the likes of Connie Ferguson and several other phenomenal women. The day was going well, but she was not without her critics - including controversial presenter, Phat Joe.

The DJ, suggested that Anele Mdoda was not of the right "fit" to be judging a beauty pageant. The Phat Joe and the Family host joked that she was on the panel to fill the "affirmative action" quota. Without saying it directly, it appeared as if Phat Joe was making subliminal comments about Anele's weight, and many followers were quick to see through this. No he didn't! Phat Joe just took it too far. 

Once Anele caught wind of the comments, and she did not wait to weigh in on the situation and call out Phat Joe for his unsavoury comments. This was somewhat impressive because she got to drag Phat Joe whilst she was on air during her breakfast show. She wanted all her listeners to hear her shred Phat Joe to pieces.

She began by commenting, "Phat Joe is so obsessed with me. Like a dog barking at cars that won’t ever stop :) he should concentrate on being at a radio gig longer than 5 min."

This was enough to make anybody regret their words but Anele was just getting started.

Read more on what Anele said to Phat Joe here.

However Phat Joe's fans did not watch this go down quietly. There are tweeps that actually came out in his defence.

All we can say is that, Anele took this round and there's no denying that she put Phat Joe in his place. She stood up for herself and was not going to let a fellow presenter bring her down.

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