Anele Allegedly Cussed At Sho Madjozi

This was when she allegedly called him at midnight

By  | May 17, 2021, 05:08 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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Its been a month since Anele 'Nelli' Tembe passed on and Mzansi felt heartbroken that a relationship which seemed so perfect, had to come to an end. Sources close to Nelli took to the media and revealed some shocking details about her relationship with AKA, which made many view the relationship as toxic.

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Now, superstar Sho Madjozi and AKA's ex girlfriend, media personality Bonang Matheba are being dragged into this mess and it has to do with AKA. Sunday World alleges that Nelli confronted both these ladies because they contacted her man in October last year. 

Apparently Nelli did not want Sho Madjozi calling AKA at 1AM when they were sleeping. Through Madjozi's lawyer, Nellie allegedly said "From my understanding, Kiernan and Maya (Sho's real name) work together, which is strictly what I would like to know is why the f*** was she calling my man at 1AM in the morning, and what was so urgent. In fact I would like her to message and explain her story."

Madjozi wanted to tell AKA that their song Casino was doing great in Kenya and that they should definitely shoot the music video.

When it comes to Bonang Matheba, Nelli apparently sent her a picture of her private part saying it was "tighter" than hers. All because Bonang did not want AKA speaking about her after their break up.

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