Ifani Wishes To Kill Himself Over AKA


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It might have been months since AKA lost the love of his life Anele Tembe but the wounds take time to heal. He might not be everybody's favourite person but that does not warrant any disrespect especially towards his late fiancée.

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Rapper Ifani does not care about AKA and his feelings and he is not hiding that fact at all. He decided to take another jab at AKA and this is the second time he dragged the late Anele into it.

Ifani worked with Big Xhosa on a song called 'Ikuku Endala' which did not trend when released. It is only talked about now after people realised that he dissed AKA using Anele.

"If I see AKA imma kill myself.," said Ifani in the song. He was talking about the time many, including AKA, claimed Nelli committed suicide. He said if he too were to see AKA he would also end his own life. A shocking thing to say right?

"I'm washing my hands...I'm done with you @akaworldwide, For ever! No more!! But please please...don't provoke a dyan again," he warned. In another video he said, "What did I say @akaworldwide? I said: if you start it, I'll finish it. It's finished now. Don't start it again, ndiyakwaz ke wen awuva. [I know you very well.]"

Ifani wants to finish what AKA started after AKA called him a rubbish rapper and also dissed his Gold plaque.

During an interview with Hellen Hirimbi on i(m)bali, he said, "Ifani is the most capped artists of all time, he is totally rubbish. I don't wanna knock on another man's hustle but come on man he is rubbish," he said at the time.

Mzansi dragged Ifani for filth:

If I didn’t know better, I would say AKA is The person you look up to...The person you wanna become when you grow up...The person you admire," he said.

"Jerr... Bringing other people in a war between two people. Some of them are no more even," another warned.

"Bro it is over for you its been over for you stop trynna resurrect...even this line won't give you your career back!!"

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