How Long Will AKA's BHOVAMANIA Last On Top?

We don’t mean to compare but “the other guy’s” lasted four weeks…

By  | Nov 08, 2020, 12:49 PM  | AKA  | Drama

AKA recently released his 13-track EP, “BHOVAMANIA,” which could have easily been a full-length album but that is matter for another day.  The release of the album assured fans that Mega is still one of the leading hip-hop voices in the game.

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But an AKA release or just an AKA, would never be the same personality that we love to hate if he did not add a little spice to the EP’s roll out. The first was to suggest that he was catching heat for being the top downloaded album on Apple Music. This is because his number one spot, meant that he was kicking out Nigeria’s WizKid off the spot. Now, if you have lived under rock in 2019, it would be understandable why you would not know AKA’s contentious relationship with the country.

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Quick story time; it all started with the political unrest in South Africa last year. This was after the killing of a foreign national in the country, which sparked the viral news story that African foreign nationals were being killed by the numbers by South Africans. AKA defended his beloved South Ah, while Nigerian artists like Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy attempted to tear AKA’s beloved South Ah to pieces. The ridicule was over misinformation and untrue news storytelling. 

Soon enough, it become a battle of former friends and collaborative hit makers, AKA and Burna Boy. The tussle between two of the leading African musicians polarized fan bases along the nationality line.

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Therefore, for AKA took knockoff WizKid off the top spot was personal and had people in their feelings. And AKA did not seem bothered at all by the furor as he continued to live his best “soft lifestyle.” 
However, there were some trolls that made it their goal to attempt to shake AKA by suggesting that his reign on top of the Apple Music charts would not last beyond the first day of release hype. Instead of being the usual off-the-cuff artist we know, AKA opted to wait it out until the next day to drag his trolls.
AKA used the fact that his album was still on top of the charts the following day of his release to drag all the haters.  But that does not mean that he has won the battle yet, because he might have won against “Nigeria.” But there is still one more battle to win, “the other guy.” Mufasa’s own project stayed on top of the charts for four weeks, AKA’s has only a weekend to date. The question is can he make it last even longer, or will this turn into another “AKA Orchestra” versus “Fill Up” because we all know how that ended; in tears.

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