KFC Gets In Trouble Over Family Feud Africa Tweet

KFC came under fire for their offensive tweet against Tsonga contestants

By  | Sep 08, 2020, 10:01 AM  | Adora Kisting  | Drama

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Popular fast food chain KFC caught the wrong end of the stick when it tweeted about a recent episode of Family Feud South Africa. KFC is the official sponsor of the show and tweets when ever it is airing.

However this time their tweet rubbed fans the wrong way.  "When you can’t decide on a colour, so you wear them all," the food chain tweeted and posted a picture of one of the families who were taking part.

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While a lot of tweeps didn't see anything wrong with the tweet others felt like it was offensive to the Xitsonga tribe.

An outraged tweep wrote,"Considering that Xitsonga culture & language are marginalized. And we hardly have no representation in the mainstream media. These lady proudly represented us but were ridiculed made a butt of a “joke” that failed to land. I’m Tsonga & highly offended #kfcmustfall."

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