Enhle Mbali Responds To The Fake Article About Her Divorce

The actress allegedly claims that the DJ made her lose gigs.

By  | Sep 07, 2020, 02:44 PM  | Adora Kisting  | Drama

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee's ugly divorce saga is far from over and so many details are constantly coming to light.

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Well the Sunday World, has dropped another bomb. Apparently Enhle wants more money from the Dj after he stopped her from taking gigs because he didn't want her to do romantic scenes. 

"I also was under pressure from the respondent to not take up acting events as he would not accept me doing any romantic or intimate scenes. This demand by the respondent immediately caused many TV production companies and with numerous projects that I had been lined up for, to cancel or drop me from their lists of actresses," 
"This because, presently, romantic scenes are part and parcel of the mainstream television, and slowly and incrementally, I found myself becoming a stay-at-home mom without really being aware of it,” reads the court papers.

Responding to the article Enhle labelled it nonsense and fake. 

Image Credit: East Coast Radio