Adora Joins The Fight Against Coronavirus

It takes a village.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Adora Kisting  | Drama

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Namibian singer Adora Kisting has joined the Take Charge Namibia campaign, which aims to educate the masses about the outbreak of coronavirus.

The pandemic has taken a toll on many throughout the country and all over the world. The economy in some parts of the world, has been hardest hit by the spread of the virus leading to many businesses shutting down.

In a tweet Adora shared the exciting news "I have joined the @takechargenam movement, a nonprofit organization that aims to educate the Namibian people on the COVID-19 pandemic."

The most common message that has been communicated for may times to the masses has been to stay alert and avoid gatherings where there is a flock of people and to wash hands thoroughly in order to avoid getting infected.

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