Adora Addresses Church Brawl

The police are handling the matter.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Adora Kisting  | Drama

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A fight had erupted last weekend between Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) church members that resulted in the songstress’s name being dragged into it. Adora Kisting has however distanced herself from any wrongdoing that few individuals claim she was involved in. She is fully aware of the allegations surrounding her even though she is denying all of it, she has apologised if she has caused any harm to any individual involved in the brawl.

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Social media has been set ablaze with posts demeaning the songstress and voice notes from a woman who claims she was attacked by Adora, suggesting that she was involved in the fight between church members. She simply dismisses it as ‘an agenda of tribalism, harassment, defamation of character, threats, and a spread of malicious rumours.’ Apparently this has been ongoing for 9 months and says that the ‘feud’ between members is nothing new and the public was aware it. 

She relays her own version of the incident and says that she and her mother were put in a position to defend themselves as they were being attacked by men and women from the church. Kirstin says that these events described by certain individuals are fabricated and simply not true, tarnishing her image. 

One female who claims she was injured during the brawl Mensia Ngunovandu alleges that Adora and her entire family slapped her multiple times and pulled her hair. Ripping her prescribed glasses and broke them. She even says she has medical papers to prove her injuries and a case number from the police. 

The songbird is aware of threats towards her and her family and assured fans that she is not harmed however is being targeted by certain individuals. However the show must go on. Kisting informed fans that her scheduled performances including the NAMAs and the upcoming Tour De Augustus is still taking place and will be performing nonetheless. 

She has continued her work as a champion for gender based violence, tribalism and cyber bullying after this incident erupted.

Take a look at the press release below:
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The matter is being investigated by the police. 

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