DJ Spuzza Warns His Followers

He is fuming

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 10:01 AM 

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DJ Spuzza has taken to his Instagram account to warn his followers of a fake Instagram account making the rounds. Imagine building your brand and then someone ruins your reputation by stealing your identity and tries to scam people with your name.
Sadly, the DJ has become immune to it, and he has no interest in listening to it any longer. The fake account has already garnered more than 1000 followers after he issued the alert. "I said report and unfollow Julie follow nog if you get scammed by this laati/guza that's on you," he shared.
The DJ is not the first celebrity to blast a fake account on social media. Amushelelo recently warned his fans of a fake IG account.

"Stop investing your money with people pretending to be me and once you get scammed you wanna cry. I have publicly warned you on several occasions yet most people don’t learn. We don’t do investments that payout in 24 hours or 7 days. We don’t do any investments at all," he said.

DJ Spuzza is Namibia's most successful rapper, and there is no stopping him. He became a superstar less than 5 years ago and has since established himself as a respected lyricist. In 2020, he released a remix of his hit song Soek Soek with AKA and it has already reached 1 million views on YouTube. Recently, he took to social media to thank his supporters for their unwavering support. 

DJ Spuzza recently parted ways with his former label RTE, and there were several things that prompted the split. He confirmed his departure from the label statement in January shared on social media which read, "Thank you so much for standing by me in these confusing times y'all have shown, me yet again that my back is strong as I have you holding it straight in times when people expect me to fold. I apologize for being silent at a time when y'all needed clarity on this since every story has two sides well, to be honest, that's the best choice," he shared.

He recently took to social media to put Mega on blast for his decisions that he now wants to backtrack on."Firstly I didn't invite anybody back with the team especially not after what happened earlier this year and I would want to make another thing I didn't chase anybody from slaughterhouze back then when that whole eagle label stint went down. I simply decided to leave the label and for those of you who know the entire story, mega chose that side over his brothers (slaughterhouze)

"When @txngos_slaughterhouze and I left...lil homie decided to stay with the label and chose the shiny lifestyle over us who he claimed was his brothers! Mega knows exactly how big we are on loyalty and that if you decide to switch sides you should stand on that especially if nobody from the team gave you pressure.

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