Dj Spuzza Delivers Soek Soek Remix Visuals With AKA

The video is clean

By  | Oct 30, 2020, 08:25 AM 

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Dj Spuzza has released the visuals for his much anticipated video Soek Soek. The video features sleek dance moves, pretty women and Katutura's appreciation of AKA and Dj Spuzza and his team.

The video starts off on a comedic relief with Spuzza, Chester House Prince, Mega and an associate having portion chips before they take a cab ride to Suiderhof to go and record a verse with AKA. ''Soos jy ry jy moet cruz control.'' Mega unprovoked plugs AKA's partnership with Vodka Brand Cruz Vodka.

The video takes on a life of its own after AKA comes on. He shouts out Mega, Dj Spuzza, Don Kamati and everyone involved in the song, which is rare. What is even rare was an AKA verse at his prime for Namibian artists. You might also appreciate AKA's dance moves on the song.

DJ Spuzza said there is still more coming from him. ''Soek soek is nothing be afraid of what I'm going to do next.'' he tweeted. 

Check out the visuals for Soek soek remix below:

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