DJ KBoz Shares Some Pearls Of Wisdom

He urges his followers to quit certain habits in life

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 03:36 PM 

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Music producer DJ KBoz has taken to his social media account to share some pearls of wisdom with colleagues in the music industry and his legion of fans.

The DJ has stolen the hearts of many people with his heart of gold and he has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought everything to a standstill, the DJ has advised creatives to continue working hard despite the struggles they are currently facing.

"Dear creatives. Keep creating. Use your hardships to inspire you. The best creations are made in times of desperation and darkness. What's happening now is a phase. When it's all over. Your creation will be out of this world. Trust me on this one.

His post was followed by a series of Instagram stories where he advised everyone to make good decisions in life. He urged his followers to quit certain habits in life. "Drinking till you get drunk. Like really? That's how you mess up your body," he shared.

He also slammed those who have multiple partners saying they must act accordingly. "Multiple partners like really. You are grown. Act accordingly." 
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DJ Kboz is one of the country's most accomplished producers and DJs. Among the artists, he has worked with is his ex-wife, Sally Madam Boss. The duo has collaborated on several hit songs that have won the hearts of many. Their music will leave you in awe of their talents and we are here for it.

The couple has been married for 9 years. They got married back in 2010 in Karibib and have one son together. The couple also won the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Award for the year's favorite celebrity couple. 

After nearly nine years of marriage, there had been rumors that the couple was divorcing. Sally Boss Madam formally confirmed the couple's separation. 

"After months of striving to make our marriage work. I'm pained to announce that Kboz and I have decided to end our 9-year union. By no means was this an easy decision to make. Though we both agree that it's in the best interest of our dear son (LF) and ourselves. We will, however, remain business partners as each one of us has profoundly contributed to each other's brand," shared in a statement.

Despite their success, the couple divorced last year, claiming they had been separated for a year. Although this came as a surprise to us all, we are happy to see that they still have cordial relations. The couple confirmed they would remain business partners despite their divorce.

In an interview with The Tribe Exclusive on One Africa TV, Sally made it clear that she and K-Boss were friends before they became a couple and she has the utmost respect for him. She added, β€œNo one does it better than him,"
"Also to make it clear I haven’t been always working with K-Boss, I think because he was my husband people always noticed him but there have been other producers," she said

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