Dj Dreas Namibia's Gem

A Dj doing the nation proud.

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 11:52 AM 

One cannot appreciate Dj Dreas's music without being very proud of what he has achieved. The Dj has humility, is kind, creative and cares about the people. He uses his brand not only to push his creativity but to uplift other.

He had Namibians entertained during quarantine through the 5 minute finesse challenge, a platform where Namibian and African musicians and creatives could freestyle and sing over a beat. He has used his platform continuously to fight for Namibian women trying to put an end to Gender Based Violence.

Career wise he has scooped a number of interviews in South African leading radio stations, a pasta polana gig, he became a Standard Bank Namibia influencer and has achieved a lot more in 2020. Despite it all, Dj Dreas has remained humble and keeps serving the people.

Listen to his latest single Delusions of grandeur below.

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