New Collection For House Of Nalo

DJ Alba Launches New Earring Collection

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | DJ Alba Nalo 

Alba Hamukwaya known among many as Dj Alba has proven herself in the field of turning the decks and has tapped into another market of creating accessories for the multitude of fashion lovers launching a new line titled ‘Empress’.

Inspired to create items that are unique, whilst also adding her own personal flare, her business brand House of Nalo launched the Empress line on the 30th of April which includes female earrings with an African touch.

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“I created empress because I wanted the ladies to feel included, I have noticed that through all my sales majority of my clients are male and when a female makes a purchase it is rather a gift to their boyfriend,” she explained.

She briefly described the new handmade line as a Namibian earring collection that has been inspired by royalty, African queens, Namibian and African Map and the Oshiwambo traditional attire named ‘Odelela’.

“I did research on African queens like Egypt Nefertiti and Queen Nandi and imagined what earrings they would have worn. At the time I didn’t have a name until one of my instagram followers randomly commented on one of my pictures saying Empress and that is when I decided to name it that,” she said.

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Although she mentioned that the new collection was well received by the general public she said it wasn’t a walk in the park getting the earrings done on time.

“I remember having a breakdown while creating the pieces because nothing was coming together as I expected. I had to reevaluate everything and start from scratch, but all in all, I am happy with how they turned out.

House of Nalo caters for all age groups and a number of artists have been spotted on various occasions wearing accessories from her collection. The likes of KP Illest, Dj Ambizzy, Paul Da Prince and many others.

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She further explained that the new line of earrings also offer a perfect combination of both comfort and style that is ensured to compliment any fashion item and dress code. 

Questioned on when the next collection will come out, she said she is still marinating the current ones and would not want to shoot herself in the foot through introducing  brand new products while still marketing the current ones.

“The current orders are already driving me crazy, I cannot jump on the next one. I mean, i just launched yesterday,” she said.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram