Dillish Acting After 5 Years

Dillish bags second lead role in Nollywood

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Dillish Mathews 

Staying away from the acting scene for five years and coming back like she has been around all along. That is Dillish Mathews for you. The BBA winner had occupied her life with other deals and careers such as bagging ambassadorial gigs, releasing her hit track Party featuring fellow BBA housemate and now close friend Cleo Ice Queen from Zambia. She also featured Jay Rox on a song Back In July which is currently making airwaves on local radio stations in the country.

Although details with regards to the movie are still sketchy, the star has revealed that she is the main lead in the upcoming movie titled How To Marry A Billionaire and this is the first in five years since her break from Nollywood. Dillish on her Instagram said that she accepted the role because it is fun and the character resonates to her personality.

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In one of her posts, she read out her script in which her character confesses to being a Virgo which she is too. Dillish is currently in Lagos and will be back home next week. We don’t know when production will begin but it means a lot of in-between the two countries for the next coming months for her.

Her last movie five years was titled Nostalgia in which she was the lead role too. The movie which also featured Melvin Oduah who was also a housemate was about two siblings who ran their company and lives well until drastic events threatened their lives.

Well done Dillish, secure the bag and all the lead roles in Lagos for us! We can’t wait to see the movie.

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Main Image Credit: Dillish Mathews Twitter