Exclusive: David Mbeha Speaks About His Career And How The Industry In Namibia Is Changing

He is ready to soar higher!

By  | Apr 14, 2020, 02:11 PM  | David Mbeha 

Namibian multi-talented TV presenter and content creator David Mbeha, is destined for greatness in the world of the limelight. David who hails from Grootfontein, shot to fame when he won the TLC Next Great Presenter Search competition and, he is stopping at nothing to achieve his desired success.

The Namibian native spoke to NAlebrity exclusively, about his passion for the entertainment space and what he plans to do in 20plenty.

David has captured the hearts of many with his contagious smile and homeboy oozes self-confidence always. He has become a household name with a legion of fans. He said his passion for being on TV started at a tender age.


"I remember watching so many TV hosts back in the day and fell in love with TV presenting. I am someone who naturally loves to speak to a crowd and so I knew that was what I wanted to do."

David decided to try his luck in the TLC Next Presenter Competition and he scooped the coveted title.

"The TLC Next great presenter search is one that changed my life forever. I remember the first time someone recognised me at the airport in Johannesburg. I knew then that the competition meant so much to those who were following my journey."
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David has gone to host numerous shows and he has collaborated with different brands to secure the bag. The entertainment industry in Namibia is known to be very small and opportunities are limited but David said, things are slightly changing in the industry.

"The entertainment industry in Namibia is still quite small. But am proud of the tremendous growth that we have been able to make, from movies to music. We are on the right path, but we need more corporate partners to believe in the power of entertainers in Namibia."

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"We are not where we use to be. I believe that a lot can still be done in terms of growth. The entertainment industry cannot survive without investors. We need more brands to believe in local talent."
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David said more growth is still needed because creatives are not making big bucks "Creatives consistently have to negotiate their worth. We need more people, especially brands to understand that the entertainment industry is just like any other job and entertainers should be paid for their time and experience they bring."

Speaking about his future plans in the industry, David said " The plan is always to extend my talent to the rest of Africa. Opportunities such as being the official host of The Southern African Multichoice Talent Factory in Zambia and hosting Celebrity insider at Joburg TV, have all been part of the plan of slowly extending my talent to the rest of Africa."

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David said he is currently working on a number of projects but he will reveal them soon.

"My plan is to push my talent across the African continent. Last year I got signed to a South African agency, which is part of the plan of growing my brand to the rest of Africa."
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All the best David!

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