"I Am The Best Kwaito Artist" Exit Rockaz

The musician tells his fans that he is the best in the game

By  | Mar 17, 2021, 02:35 PM  | David "Exit" Shikalepo 

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Exit Rockaz recently announced that he is working on his highly anticipated upcoming studio album The Silence, and he is gearing up to release it on the 3rd of August 2021.

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The album is set to showcase his extensive musical talent, not only through production and vocals but through thorough mixing as well and remaining versatile as he has always been. The musician's album has been encapsulating in numerous genres and this one will be his first hip-hop album.

In a tweet recently, he told his followers that he is not a kwaito artist but he isn't a kwaito artist.

"I am the best kwaito artist but I am not a kwaito artist! My albums had all types of genres since the first day I left my spit on the mike. Don’t pretend to follow music if you are not aware of this. This is a master in all Art! “Eddy Murphy” Respect my new project!"

Exit even claimed that he will be the best hip-hop artist in the country. "I can even decide I will be the best Hip Hop Artist in the country! Who dares challenge me? Witness the wrath of the Jabari! First hand!! #THESILENCE I will leave the kwaito bars to @SAMUELEGOTWEALH  temporarily, when he needs me I’m a call away," he tweeted.

He also shared on social media that the album belongs to everyone and anyone who wants to work with him is free to shoot their shot, "Guys and Girls! #TheSilence is our album, the whole country artists, workers, and companies. If you feel like you’ve got a beat, a verse, a music video idea whatever brilliant initiative. You are welcome aboard.

His latest album Die Hele Box had been a huge success. Exit, DJ Kboz, and Samuel Ngodji were the creative minds behind the masterpiece Die Hele Box
From the moment it was released, people had been talking about it non-stop, complementing the artists on what an amazing job they did. 

Although the release of the album was surrounded by drama after it was leaked on YouTube. "He stepped in the wrong direction. I will make it my mission to arrest he’s Punk ass. My videos can have 600,000 views and he will have one with 500,000 views as well, meaning I’m a million something views worthy. but stolen by him. I’ll get him! Just watch," said the musician in a Twitter rant.

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