Exit Ready To Release Another Album

Album titled Forever

By  | Oct 06, 2020, 12:30 PM  | David "Exit" Shikalepo 

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Exit is ready to release a new album titled Forever. He released his previous album The Last Supper on 29 November 2019. It's full steam ahead and the creative artist wants to bless his fans with more tunes.

Forever will be released on 30 November 2020. Exit seems to be very ecstatic about the release of the album and has been posting about it on his social media. He reflected on The Last Supper album and says it captured his life last year perfectly and the music represented his existence in 2019. ''Great album The Last Supper very good since last year to date. Love to look at it as a personal time in my life were I needed to find out who is who? And I'm glad I know, dropping my new gift/album Forever this end of November,'' he tweeted.

Exit has a lot to be happy for. He was recently involved in a car accident and escaped with minor injuries and was even cleared by a doctor to perform at the Namibian Annual Music Awards. In true Exit style, the artist dropped a video that was shot before the accident and released it after he was involved in the accident. Turning a negative situation into a positive one. Check out the video for No Stress below.

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