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She has her sights set on greater things

By  | Jul 28, 2021, 04:13 PM 

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It was a night full of magic, motivation, and inspiration when Chelsi Shikongo was crowned Miss Namibia 2021, and now she is standing tall and proud after winning the coveted crown. The beauty queen took over the reins from Miss Namibia 2019 Nadja Breytenbach, and she is basking in the glory of winning the prestigious competition.

As she celebrates a big milestone in her life today, we wish her many more candles to blow. We also take a trip down memory lane to her childhood and dug deeper into her private life.

Shikongo became a fan favorite from the start of the competition. Her beauty and humility, as well as her passionate responses captured Namibian hearts. 

The 24-year-old who hails from the dusty streets of Walvis Bay, has been working hard to fulfill her duties lately and she is an advocate for mental health and body neutrality. During her reign, Shikongo promises to beacon of hope to the entire nation and tackle many social issues affecting everyone. 

We are confident that she will do a stellar job as she has already demonstrated her passion for empowering Namibians on social media, Chesi is certainly a queen with beauty and brains.
Chelsi Shikongo. (Provided)
Chelsi who is the firstborn in her family says she was raised by both her parents. Both parents were active in her upbringing. In addition to being the oldest child, she has six siblings.

As she recalls her childhood, she says it was blissful and it shaped her into becoming the phenomenal woman she is today.

"It was an experience that shaped me into the woman I am today and I am nothing but grateful for the childhood I had and the support I had growing up,” she says.

Shikongo began her modeling career at a young age, and her family has always been supportive of her career. She says she was inspired by her mom who used to participate in pageants as well.

"My mother used to take part in pageants and my family always encouraged me to take part as my mom enrolled me into a modeling school called LCS’s Models in Walvis Bay and random people encouraged me in my teen and young adult years inspired me to take it more seriously and that’s when I got scouted online by an agency called Boss Models in Cape Town. That's when I realized this is something I truly enjoy and I am making a living and a career out of it," says Shikongo.

Known for her great work ethic, determination, and heart of gold, Shikongo says she had to relocate to South Africa in Cape Town to follow her dreams.

"I had to travel to Cape Town and live there for 3 years. It was a big step but as soon as I believed in myself and showed them that I was independent they became more supportive and more supportive than ever and I am nothing but grateful for my family. I love them all so much."

While entering Miss Namibia had always been her dream, she says she never had the time, but last year she finally gave it a try. The prestigious title was won by Shikongo over 14 other contestants from across the country.

"I was definitely overwhelmed and proud that I got the opportunity to be a goodwill ambassador for Namibia and I proved to myself that hard work does really pay off and believing in myself," she says.

In addition to strutting her beauty on stage, Chelsi is also a passionate creative. She recently showcased her acting talent prowess on social media. She says she makes a living out of it. 
Chelsi Instagram

“I’ve been nominated and invited to Seminars in South Africa, performed on stage with Free Your Mind, the biggest comedy organization in Namibia and I make a living off it as I am a full-time creative, I am a comedian and I also do standup comedy. I’m still a beginner as I mostly enjoy doing comedy.”

Since she scooped the crown, her life has changed forever. Shikongo is already very busy with her Miss Namibia duties, and she says she wants to do more community uplifting work and raise awareness on body nutrition is close to her heart.

"I want to accomplish so much but definitely more community uplifting projects through sustainable agricultural methods such as urban gardening, empowering Namibians in healthy living by raising awareness on the relationship we have with food and how does that affect our body image and mental health. I’ve been hosting even before I won live chats on my social media account Instagram called Body Neutrality to raise awareness to inform and definitely include Namibians in the conversation," she added.

Shikongo is definitely a queen with a cause. She says during her reign she will be an advocate for mental health awareness. In addition, she reckons that we need to tackle mental health by encouraging Namibians to seek therapy because once we do this we will be able to tackle other social issues we endure every day.

"I am an advocate for mental health, mediation, and that healing isn’t linear we should empower Namibians to seek therapy there so many places in Namibia to get free counseling and it is very confidential because we come from a society where so many people didn’t come from a home of good morals and a good background."

As part of tackling mental health, she says we must also break the stigma surrounding mental health and teach everyone to have positive self-esteem in life.

"We live life not knowing that it’s okay to hurt and look for help because it won’t help to want to replace that hurt with another person, instilling and teaching Namibians about positive self-esteem and confidence in being an individual but most importantly let’s encourage Namibians to seek mental health counseling because once we tackle the powerhouse which is the mind we can tackle all social issues we face in our daily lives. 

Yet again human trafficking happens because of a lack of morals and lack of education and we all need to play a part in stopping these social issues we face in Namibia it’s just not up to the police and the government but all of us have a role to play in making sure that if you see something like human trafficking you report it and we teach our people that’s there’s another way out of poverty."
Chelsi: Instagram
Chelsi expected to fly the Namibian flag country high when she represents us at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. She says she is honored to be representing the country at the prestigious pageant.

"I feel grateful and honored to represent my country and my beautiful people on a global stage! My father manifested this moment when he named me after the late Chelsi Smith so it only feels right and I am so excited for this once-in-a-lifetime journey."

She says she believes she will bring the crown back home.

"Since I am a candidate, I am very optimistic I believe anyone in my position would be as this is a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.

"Pageants are expensive but they are a lifetime experience and you gain long-life skills from this journey. Namibia has been very supportive and I hope they keep being supportive as we have almost reached our goal of the funds I am supposed to raise. If there are people out there that can still help please reach out any contributions are always welcome."
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