Celebs With Side Hustles

They have multiple streams of income and we love to see it!

By  | Jun 22, 2021, 06:05 PM 

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The entertainment industry is notorious for being fickled and job opportunities for creatives come now and then forcing many to have side hustles. Creatives are constantly chasing the bag to have multiple streams of income in order to make ends meets.

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There is a list of Namibian celebs who have ventured into numerous business ventures to sustain themselves and we love to see it. These celebs can pull out all the stops to make extra coins and we love how dedicated they to their businesses. Despite the COVID-19 which has forced several business to shut down these entrepreneurs have soldiered on to keep their businesses operational.

1. King Tee Dee

The musician has several businesses under his belt. He is a record label owner and he also has his own clothing company. King Tee Dee recently announced that he has also ventured into insurance. He revealed that this is the reason why he took a break from the music scene.

"I took a break from music to work on this project and finally it is approved. Let’s keep the money in Namibia and grow the economy. Mshasho Insurance and owned by Namibians. Let’s create employment."

2. Robyn Nakaambo.

The media personality has been making great strides in the industry. She is definitely the queen of side hustles, she recently launched his own Chilli sauce called Chef Robyn, Speaking to New Era she said, “I wanted to take my online cooking to the next level, and monetise it. What better way to have done this than to share a piece of home with you all.”

"Chilli by Chef Robyn’ has no preservatives, and matures over time on its own. “The chillies used are organic, straight from the farm. The other ingredients are also not harmful at all, so any chilli lover can take it. One of the biggest benefits I love about it is the detoxing factor. Besides the organic chilli, the other ingredients include garlic, olive oil, vinegar and whiskey,'
she said

3. Dillish Mathews.

Dillish has a business called Dillish Cool Cubes. She used to deliver ice cubes to her customers with her bakkie. At some point, she had a restaurant called Bolster. She launched the restaurant with her business partner and lawyer friend Profysen Muluti. It remains unclear whether the fine dining restaurant is still operational as its activities have been quiet lately.

4 Meriam Kaxuxwena.

Meriam Kaxuxwena has her fingers already dipped in various business ventures. She sells beauty products called Meriam K Comestics, and they are available in the country. Meriam launched her own foundation and lipstick.

5. Luis Munana.

Luis has his own clothing brand, named Zuriel. He sells exclusive luxurious men’s and women’s clothing and accessories brand. The all-rounder also has his own fashion show called the MTC and Windhoek Fashion Week.

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