Celebs Who Openly Support LGBTQ

Love don't judge

By  | Feb 08, 2022, 03:04 PM 

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Homosexuality is outlawed in Namibia and is considered a crime that is punishable by imprisonment. Despite this, it is a fact that there is a good number of same-sex couples who continue to choose love over and above everything else and even celebrate Pride month every year.

Today we look at some of Namibia’s notable persons who belong to the LGBTQ as well as some who support the LGBTQ community.

Wendelinus Hamutenya

Wendelinus Hamutenya created a buzz in 2011 after being crowned the first Mr gay Namibia at the now annual Mr Gay Namibia pageant.

The current CEO of Mr. Gay Namibia is openly gay and is one of the few outspoken advocates for equal rights of members of the LGBTQ in Namibia.

His marriage to Immanuel Jeremiah has not been without scandal, in 2021, Wendelinus Hamutenya was hospitalized after being stabbed by his hubby after a domestic misunderstanding, it appears that he has since forgiven his better half and they are in better terms.

Ricardo Amunjera

Sorry to say this, but you probably live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Ricardo Amunjera and Marc Themba yet. These two were officially the first gay couple in Namibia to walk down the aisle.

The two lovebirds were introduced by a mutual friend online and they say that their’s was love at first conversation and the rest is history.

Ricardo Amunjera who has been living openly as a gay man was crowned Mr. Gay Namibia in 2013. He got married to his bae- Marc Themba who is from Botswana in South Africa but the two currently live in Namibia where they continue with their activism work.

Jay Aeron

Jay Aeron is a renowned award-winning make-up artist and beauty editor. She also identifies as queer and is Namibia’s self-proclaimed queer queen.
She is also an androgynous model, a social media influencer and an activist for queer people’s rights.

It is worth noting that Jay Aeron was one of the judges in 2020’s Miss Trans Ambassador Pageant.

Maria Nepembe

While she is not exactly a member of the LGBTQ society herself, media girl, Maria Nepembe is one of the few celebs in Namibia who have been vocal in advocating for the rights of members of the LGBTQ.
In 2021, she got tweeps talking after she called an end to homophobia claiming that she had experienced her loved getting homophobic attacks. In her tweet she said:

“I’ve had my loved ones attacked and not protected by the police because of their sexual orientation. Constantly having to stand up for my friends when they are being harassed and called homophobic slurs. also putting my safety at risk. This is personal. Y’all can’t phase me. FO!”
While most of the replies she got were negative and homophobic, a few took her side.


One of the greatest female rappers in Namibia who also juggles career as a doctor- Lioness is one of those women who are vocal when it comes to their beliefs.

Although she is straight, Lioness believes that the government should legalize things such as same-sex marriage.

In a tweet shared in May 2021, Lioness blasted the government for not legalizing abortion, marijuana, and same-sex marriages.
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