Betty Takes Her Child To The Beach

We love this mother and son duo

By  | Oct 04, 2021, 06:25 PM 

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Betty Davids welcomed her bundle of joy last year and she has been enjoying motherhood.

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The social media darling recently took her child to a beach and shared an adorable picture of them spending some quality time together. Although she hasn't showed us her baby's face, judging from the picture it is clear that he is a beautiful baby boy.

Betty shared a picture of them sitting on the sand dunes and she had to enjoy the beautiful moment with a bottle of champagne.

Being in the public eye can be both interesting and exhausting. As a result, it becomes even more stressful for your family, who probably doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight. As a parent, Betty shields her kid from the public eye, especially when it comes to posting pictures of her baby's face.

The social media star recently put an imposter on blast who used her pictures on her Instagram account. Betty caught wind of the imposter's account and shuu, sis was not impressed. She decided to let her fingers do the talking. Taking to her Instagram stories she asked her legion of fans to help her report the account.

Betty recently revealed her bae on social media. She posted a series of pictures of her man on her Instagram stories and opted to hide his face of course with emojis, proving that she is head over heels in love. The lovebirds were enjoying a romantic lunch.

Fans were seemingly asking Betty about him and the beauty said anyone who wants to talk to him must send a DM to her so that she can forward it to him, yho do fans want him now? enough to do it himself.

Social media went crazy after catching a glimpse of him. This follows after Betty recently left many social media users breathing through the wound when she received a push gift from her man honey! The social media star was blessed with a pricey G-Wagon Mercedes Benz after she recently gave birth to her baby boy.

As soon as she posted it Namibian Twitter started attacking her whilst some congratulated her. The majority of social media users started questioning her education, they dug deep into Betty David's history, and some people even resorted to calling NATIS to ask whether Betty Davids really owned the vehicle her man bought for her.

It seems the two are really head over heels in love and they are enjoying the parenthood journey.

Image Cred: Twitter
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