Betty Davids' Wedding Postponed?

It was scheduled for this weekend

By  | Aug 06, 2021, 06:33 PM 

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The much-anticipated wedding of Namibia's social media darling Betty Davids and her future husband Shapwa has been postponed indefinitely, according to Namibia's Hot Tea. Betty and Shapwa were supposed to walk down the aisle and tie the knot this weekend however there are no social media activities telling us that they will be getting hitched.

Although the couple is very private, people who received wedding invites to the wedding were excited to attend it and they took to social media to flaunt their invitations.

A mole who spoke with the blogger said the couple is still together however their wedding will not be taking place this weekend. "A close source confirmed to me that the wedding is off new date set yet!! But they are still dating with Tate Shapwa," shared on Instagram.

It seems the couple postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 restrictions again, It is no secret that Betty loves the finer things in life and she would love to have a wedding to remember but with the current restrictions this will be impossible.

Betty recently returned to social media after a break. Betty and Shapwa were to wed in May, but their ceremony was postponed to August. Namibia's Hot Tea shared a postponement card one of its guests received, in which the couple revealed they had to postpone their wedding because of lockdown restrictions that only allow 100 people to gather in one area.

"Regretfully and due to Covid restrictions that only permit 100 people per gathering, our wedding has been postponed," they shared. The lovebirds went on to release new dates of their wedding, and the wedding is set to take place on 06- 07 August 2021. Betty recently filed a lawsuit against Imms Nashinge.

The Independent Patriots for Change allegedly defamed the beauty. Betty was upset when Imms called her a prostitute over WhatsApp. Betty filed a lawsuit against him for more than N$40000 for the slanderous remarks he made. Additionally, Imms was asked to apologize to Betty for any defamatory remarks he made after retracting his statement.

Betty is blessed with beauty and brains. Apart from her luxury lifestyle she is an academic. Imma had implied that Betty was not that skilled to host a discussion about finance on Instagram. Betty is one of the country’s most adored social media stars. In 2020 she received a 'Push Gift' from Shapwa shortly after giving birth to their bundle of joy.

Betty was blessed with a luxury G-Wagon Mercedes Benz and it looked gorgeous. As soon as she posted it Namibian Twitter started attacking her whilst some congratulated her.

The majority of social media users started questioning her education, they dug deep into Betty David's history, and some people even resorted to calling NATIS to ask whether Betty Davids really owned the vehicle her man bought for her.

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