Betty Davids Treats Herself To Expensive Gifts

She is living soft

By  | Oct 01, 2021, 08:08 AM 

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Betty Davids really knows how to break the internet. She's always about that “another day, another slay life”. The social media darling recently treated herself to boujee Louis Vuitton items  and she broke the internet once again.

We have to admit that Betty Davids is living soft and she is a fan of finer things in life. Her expensive taste and sizzling content has captured the hearts of many people in the country.

While the rest of us are balling on a tight budget Betty headed to Louis Vuitton to buy herself some luxurious items. She posted a picture of Louis Vuitton flaunting her gift boxes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Honey, where are you living if you think Betty is not winning in all aspects of her life at this moment?

Betty has impeccable taste in fashion, and she enjoys finer things in life. She often  travels to various destinations for some well-deserved relaxation and is always seen in Cape Town.

When she travels she pulls out all the stops to make sure that her holidays are a dream. Betty complements her body and face with nice designer clothing items to look her best in this life of flexing for the 'gram

A couple of  weeks ago Betty was embroiled in a lawsuit case that she had filed against the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) spokesman Imms Nashinge and she won the case. .

This year, Imms trended on social media after he called Betty a prostitute. Betty opted to take the legal route in a bid to teach him a lesson. When Imms insulted Betty on a WhatsApp group called ED Global Africa Unite, he accused her of sleeping with older people, and he will now have to pay the money in monthly installments of N$2 000.

“You see the type of shit I talk about? Who is Betty Davids? A kid that is known for sleeping around with older men like Paul Shipoke, is the toe of people our government promotes. Next is Kaxuxwena. Normal people do not matter in this country. This is an indication that the useless investment nonsense in the presidency will be a serious flow. That Nangula woman" he said.

Betty attempted to sue him for $400 000 at first, but he accepted a new amount of N$60.000 after the socialite won the case against him. He was asked to apologize to her for his derogatory remarks.

Image Cred: Twitter
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