Are Amushelelo And Julieta Back Together?

They were recently spotted together

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 10:46 AM 

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Self-proclaimed forex trader Michael Amushelelo and Julieta were once one of Namibia's favorite couples. The two used to serve major couple goals, leaving us green with envy, but they disappointed many when it was revealed that they had called it quits

It seems the two have rekindled their love and we are here for it. Amushe and Julieta got tongues wagging this past weekend after they were spotted together and Amushelelo took to his Instagram account to post a picture of Julieta and fueled rumors that they have rekindled their romance.

Amushelelo captioned the picture "Oi," and Julieta commented on the post with 'Oi.’ He then replied with a heart emoji proving that they are head over heels in love again, so does this mean that they are back together? The post gave their legion of fans goosebumps that they are back together and some wish this time around it could be for good.

It is no secret that Amusheleo's love life has been confusing many people lately. He is never one to publicly confirm who he is in a relationship with but his cryptic posts give many people a hint on who he is in love with.

After their breakup, Julieta took to her Instagram account to throw shade at him. This came after he posted an Instagram story with the caption, "There is always someone cuter, richer, taller, nicer and better in bed ETC" followed by a laughing emoji. Many wondered if he meant Amushelelo was not that great in bed.

Although Amushelelo has many ladies crushing on him, he he weighed in on dating mentally broke girls and slammed them. He said they think a relationship is an occupation and they should stop having that mentality.

"I mean how do you guys cope with dating a lady who thinks a relationship is an occupation; she is supposed to be paid and taken care of? Even if it's an occupation, what services is she actually offering to be privileged to receive such benefits, Or is she a ghost worker? ( NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men How do some guys manage to date, such ladies? Am not saying this because am working but it's what I see in most ladies," he shared.

The forex trader said men should date intellectual women who can bring peace in their lives, "No wonder suicide and depression victims are mostly men. See guy, don't ever date a broke girl no matter how gorgeous you think she is. They are serious liabilities.  Rather date a lady who adds something beneficial to your life. Things like emotional intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual intelligence and other intelligence. Date someone who's capable of calming the storm within your soul ( an average man has enough storms ); and not someone who adds stress to your life."

Amushelelo is one of the country's wealthy young people. He owns several properties, businesses, and expensive cars. He is a forex trader who has made millions from trading.

He recently warned his followers against scammers who use his name to create fake social media accounts to scam people. He warned them saying they should stop investing their cash on imposters and once they are scammed they come to him crying.

"Stop investing your money with people pretending to be me and once you get scammed you wanna cry. I have publicly warned you on several occasions yet most people don’t learn. We don’t do investments that payout in 24 hours or 7 days. We don’t do any investments at all," he said. He said they keep on getting scammed because they are desperate to get richer.

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