Another Friendship Bites The Dust

We did not see this one coming

By  | Sep 11, 2021, 10:44 PM 

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Bootylicious musician Kurcza Kurcza and her best friend Shana were once arguably among the country's most beloved friends in the media industry. In the past, they served major friendship goals on social media which had us green with envy.

Although they left us inspired on several occasions with their friendship and became our faves it seems it wasn't all sunshine in their friendship. If Kurcza’s latest post is anything to go by then their friendship has collapsed.

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Kurcza recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account, and she got tongues wagging after she responded to a fan asking about Shan's whereabouts.

Their absence from public view is no secret, and they have even unfollowed each other on Instagram. This has fuelled rumors that they are no longer on speaking terms.

Asked by the fan, Who where Shana is? Kurcza responded and said “Who’s that? Did sis have amnesia because there is no way that she does not remember her number one bestie?
Instagram @Kurcza

Kurcza has amassed more than 300k followers on Instagram and she is one of the country's most admired female lyricists. She mesmerizes many with her dancing skills and her talent

Having inked a recording contract with Empire recently, she has her sights set on global dominance. In an article published by The Namibian, Communications spokesperson Caroline Oherein said this partnership will allow them to turn the musician into a worldwide superstar.

"As we know, the global music industry is controlled by a handful of companies, making it extremely difficult for outsiders to make it in the global industry without one of these machines behind you.

This partnership with Empire will allow us to get into the right rooms to make sure that we turn Kurzca into the biggest star the world has ever seen, and yes, we genuinely mean the world," she said.

In other news, another Namibias’ social media darling Betty Davids and her bestie Dr. Ndapewa are no longer tight like they used to be before. Namibia's Hot Tea alleged that the doctor has been unfaithful to Betty despite their friendship.

Their fallout led to Betty deleting pictures of them together from her Instagram feed.

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