Amushelelo Warns Against Scammers

Don't fall for this!

By  | Jun 23, 2021, 01:31 PM 

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Self-proclaimed forex expert Michael Amushelelo has taken to his social media to warns his followers to not fall victim to scammers who pose as him.

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In a post on Instagram, he condemned imposters who solicit money from his followers pretending to be him. It is no secret that public figures are often targeted by scammers as their names are always used to create fake accounts under her name. Over the past couple of years, we have seen many celebs coming out to alert fans of imposters who want fans to invest money in their pyramid schemes to gain wealth.

Alerting his followers of this Amushelelo said his real Facebook account has over 118k followers and the rest are fake accounts. He encouraged his followers to report any other strange account under his name they come across on social media.

"Stop investing your money with people pretending to be me and once you get scammed you wanna cry. I have publicly warned you on several occasions yet most people don’t learn. We don’t do investments that payout in 24 hours or 7 days. We don’t do any investments at all," he said.

He warned them saying they keep falling victims to scammers because of how desperate they are and encouraged them to be vigilant.

Amushelelo is known for always speaking his mind on social media and he does not mince his words whenever he rants. He recently lashed out at women who are emotionally broke saying they are toxic, "I mean how do you guys cope with dating a lady who thinks a relationship is an occupation; she is supposed to be paid and taken care of? Even if it's an occupation, what services is she actually offering to be privileged to receive such benefits, Or is she a ghost worker? ( NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men How do some guys manage to date, such ladies? Am not saying this because am working but it's what I see in most ladies," he shared.

He warned men of how apparently dangerous they are, "No wonder suicide and depression victims are mostly men. See guy, don't ever date a broke girl no matter how gorgeous you think she is. They are serious liabilities.  Rather date a lady who adds something beneficial to your life. Things as emotional intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual intelligence and other intelligence. Date someone who's capable of calming the storm within your soul ( an average man has enough storms ); and not someone who adds stress to your life."

Another star whose Facebook account was recently hacked is King Tee Dee. The multi-award-winning musician took to his Twitter account to plead with his fans to help him report his hacked Facebook account. King Tee Dee was finally able to retrieve his account bank.

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