Amushelelo To Get Hitched Soon?

He feels that time is ticking

By  | May 10, 2021, 09:11 AM 

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It seems wedding bells will soon be ringing for self-proclaimed financial expert Michael Amushelelo. It is no secret that marriage is a huge commitment and you need to prepare for it mentally, financially, and physically.

It is without a doubt that Amushelelo has a lot of 'guap and it seems homeboy is ready for this big commitment.

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The millionaire revealed this in a post on his Instagram page, where he posted a picture of him rocking a grey suit and captioned the picture "I am ready to get married. 😎"

His eagle-eyed fans took to the comments section to ask him if he is ready for the big commitment and some said the time is ticking and he needs to now put a ring on it.

Amushelelo has been keeping his love life on the low recently. This follows his breakup with Julieta after they had been together for several years. It is unclear if he is in a relationship yet but word on the street has it that he apparently has found love in the arms of Zahida Hendricks.

In a post recently on his Instagram page, Amushelelo criticized women who think that a relationship is an occupation and they need to be compensated for it.

"I mean how do you guys cope with dating a lady who thinks a relationship is an occupation; she is supposed to be paid and taken care of? Even if it's an occupation, what services is she actually offering to be privileged to receive such benefits, Or is she a ghost worker? ( NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men How do some guys manage to date, such ladies? Am not saying this because am working but it's what I see in most ladies," he shared.

The controversial businessman said most of the women do have money but said they are just emotionally broke,  "One thing I've realized about all these broke girls is not that they don't actually have money. Most of them do; but it's just that they're mentally broke, which is way worse than not having money. I know many girls and ladies gonna be angry with this post, they won't like or comment in it.”

Julieta seemingly caught wind of the post and took to her Instagram stories to throw shade at him. In an Instagram story, Julieta wrote "There is always someone cuter, richer, taller, nicer and better in bed ETC" followed by a laughing emoji. So does this mean that Amushe is not that great in bed

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