Despite "authorities" that might suggest different.

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When AKA promised that hip-hop lovers will consider him savior of the genre when he released his EP, BHOVAMANIA, he said it with his entire chest. And music lovers could not help but believe him considering that the rapper has given the world three stellar albums that kept improving from one to the other. However, it seems that AKA is maybe just an album artist, because since releasing BHOVAMANIA he has been dealing with public reception Ls.

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AKA released his EP on Friday, 6 November 2020, which was the same day that baby-mama, DJ Zinhle was releasing her popular single, “Indlovu,” featuring Lloyiso. Tweeps wondered whether this was an indication of a possible cold war between the two co-parents. The two might be in different, new and seemingly happy relationships with other people. But who knows the real dynamics of the two’s co-parenting situation, so there was also that matter. 

Being the only major artist to release a full-length project, AKA’s album went straight to number and he could not help but make it official. However, the pressure was still considering that “the other guys” album had dominated on top of the charts for weeks straight. So the next week when Nigerian superstar released his new project, AKA had lost that battle. However, he held strong at second position. 

But recently, AKA saw flames when Twitter authority on hip-hop revealed that the EP has failed to chart two weeks after its release. To add insult to injury, assuming the top spot was “the other guy’s” project again; a feat that the post could not help but highlight.
Not one to let things slide and take his L quietly, AKA then took to Twitter to refute it all. First, he took a whole video scrolling Apple Music album charts to prove that his EP is still charting, and is charting better than “the other guy’s” project. He again took to Twitter to add his final word to the matter suggesting that the alleged slight is a personal vendetta.
Tweeps in return went in on the comments section suggesting that if he is refuting the matter so much, that he has to be touched. Moreover, two weeks after the EP has been available in the public domain and the reviews still remain the same.  “BHOVAMANIA,” which AKA heard tapped as the project with a sound that he has never done before will count his least popular project.

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