Adora Reviving Edutainment In Schools

The Singer Gives Back To Schools

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Adora Kisting 

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One of Namibia's RnB and musical gem Adora Kisting is currently giving back to her younger fans as she performs for free at different schools across the country.

Surely, Adora, cannot be anything but a lifetime golden opportunity. She has so far performed at schools such as the Okahandja Secondary School, Immanuel Shifidi, Jan Jonker and many others.

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Speaking to Nalebrity, Adora said, "when we grew up, schools used to have a combination of different extra fun activities. We had talent shows, karaoke nights. Therefore in the begging of the year we have set a certain budget aside so that we are able to team up  with schools to bring edutainment to them."

She further explained that the aim was basically to just have fun with the school kids through freestyling and giving them an opportunity to be able to engage more in person with her and fellow musician Tulisan.

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"We invite kids to freestyle with Tulisan whilst I moderate the dancing competition, we really just want to give back to the kids, teachers and revive the spirit of edutainment," Adora said.

With another goal to inject self confidence amongst the school kids, Adora said, their team has also introduced cool motivational slogans such as ' School is cool, we are going to make it happen and many more.'

Apart from encouraging schools to have more fun activities, Adora, has also been on her toes creating employment for the street vendors offering them the opportunity to sell her previous album with an added profit for the vendors.
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