Adora Kisting Joins Hands With Never Walk Alone

They melted the hearts of many people

By  | Sep 21, 2021, 05:28 PM 

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Adora Kisting teamed up with Never Walk Alone, a charity organization in Namibia, to donate school shoes to underprivileged kids over the weekend, a kind gesture that has warmed the hearts of many.

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As part of an organization's visit to the school, the musician handed over more than 100 pairs of shoes to children.

In a post on her Instagram account she said she is exicted that they have put a smile on many faces in Kalkrand and Maltahohe this past weekend. She said they aim to reach thousands of other children and we need your help.

In the years since she rose to stardom, Adora has followed a number of avenues in the arts, and she is leaving no stone unturned in order to explore her talents and gifts.

Adora started off her career in the entertainment space as a musician full time and now, she has ventured into television presenting. Homegirl is the host of one of Namibia's coolest and freshest music show, Die Eintllike Vibe.  She revealed to us in 2019 that she and her team were the brains behind Die Eintllike Vibe. She said they launched the show after they realized they were not being given enough airplay for their music in the country.

"It was actually our very own initiative, My manager, AB Pro, co-host Tulisan and I own full rights to the TV Show and this actually came about when we realized that our music was not on high rotation on the radio station and more specifically on TV. At some point, we felt that our work was sidelined quite a lot, we don't really know why, but that prompted us to come up with our very own platform where we choose what plays for every episode. Little did we know, this was gonna be a platform to create the very same opportunities for the wider industry." The show has had two successful seasons and the musician has been doing great things on it.

Another one of our most charitable celebs is DJ Castro. The DJ recently revealed that he teamed up with Standard Bank, to help schools in 14 regions with school-related items. 'Good day fam, just wanna let you know that after 4 years of collecting school stationery to donate to less fortunate children, God showed up today. We officially partnered with @StandardBankNa  to lighten the burden by donating school materials in all 14 regions," He excitedly revealed on Twitter.

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