5 Times TopCheri Trended For The Wrong Reasons

She opened a can of worms here

By  | May 25, 2021, 04:42 PM 

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Top Cheri has hogged the headlines numerous times for offending other people from landing herself in hot water and topping the trends list to receiving massive backlash on social media, homegirl is no stranger to rubbing people the wrong way.

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1 TopCheri accused of being homophobic.

The singer opened a can of worms when she took to her Twitter account to weigh in her two cents in a sensitive matter. TopCheri ruffled many feathers after tweeting that most Namibian women are allegedly married to gay men.

"One day we should talk about how so many Namibian Women are married to Gay Men. Especially there by my people ... they get married to people’s daughters so they can hide behind “wife and kids”. Hou julle op ! Free people’s daughters .. One day is not today nande"

This did not sit well with her followers who went to the extent of calling her homophobic and telling her to mind her own business. 

Someone commented “Not too late to delete this…” under her tweet. Another tweep stated “Mind your own and stay out of people’s businesses” to which Top Cheri replied “No my darling… you mind your own! Let my mind what I want on my clock!”

2 Maria Lashes out at TopCheri.

TopCheri lowkey took an aim at KP Illest. This came after homegirl replied to a post with a picture of two rappers, one of them being KP Illest, with the caption asking people who their favorite rapper was. Top Cheri quoted the tweet stating ‘You guys must stop playing’ followed by laughing emojis.

Maria caught wind of the tweet and slammed Top Cheri. Speaking up for  KP Illest she simply told her that everyone has their favorites and slammed her undermining tone, "Some clarity, we are allowed to have our faves. U can prefer the one without using such a belittling & undermining tone on the other. You are a musician and u know how unhealthy & toxic the comparison game is? U wouldn’t want it done to u so why do it to others?" she replied.

3 TopCheri vs Lioness.

TopCheri left Lionesss fuming after taking to her Twitter account to subtweet her. This came after she claimed that Lioness had offered to hire her former manager.

Lioness replied to her by saying "If you have an issue with me you contact me! What will subtweeting get you? No Monica! That’s not the type of relationship we have! You need to stop. I never offered to hire your manager. He came to me! But if you’re mature enough to deal with it off Twitter let me know!" she wrote.

She was left speechless as she did not even reply back.

4 TopCheri and Manxebe.

The musicians were on everyone's lips recently after their well-executed publicity stunt ahead of their album release. This follows after shocking images of them in bed seemingly naked surfaced on social but they later confirmed that they were working on their album cover.

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