Sharon Tjimbundu's Photos Leave Men Drooling

She looks hella hot!

By  | Mar 31, 2021, 04:36 PM 

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TV sports anchor Sharon Tjimbundu, is one of Namibia's most eligible bachelorettes. Sis really knows how to slay and turn heads well, that's how she rolls. She's all about that another day, another slay life.

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The stunner has been in the industry for quite some time now and she has been working hard to build her own brand and she is no stranger to flaunting her body on social media.

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When it comes to fashion and looks, homegirl really knows how to win the hearts of her fans. Her looks are always trending on social media and she leaves no stone unturned to make sure that she brings all the heat and the content we signed up for.

We look at 5 times she broke the internet and slayed.

The anchor recently hogged the headlines after her nudes were apparently leaked on social media.

According to an article published by The Namibia/ Unwrap, 700 Instagram users recently saw her naked body on Instagram, in a live video and she took to social media to break her silence following the viral video.

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 β€œI hate myself and my life right now. I swear I wanna die right now. I was not aware of what was happening, because I was half asleep. I cannot control other people's actions and I need to make better choices,” she said.

A brand strategist Kalistus Mukoroli, told the publication that this could affect her career as brands would think twice about collaborating with her as she is also a well-known influencer and brands are quite strict on who they collaborate with.

β€œNamibian brands like being associated with influencers who are aligned to their brand and image, and this is surely something they won't like. Brand influencing is a career, and here you are fumbling your own pocket,”

β€œEven her current employers or brand may look into it to see if their brand was tarnished in terms of brand association. We do understand it's in her personal space, but she is a public personality and that opens her up for scrutiny,” he said.

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