44 Years Of Gazza

He still remains a fan-favorite

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 09:08 AM 

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Namibian musician and Misunderstood hitmaker, Gazza, who nicknamed himself after the famous English soccer player, Paul Gascoigne, recently turned 44 .

As he celebrated another year around the sun, let’s take a look at how the previous year went by for Gazza.

The Gazza Vs Exit popularity poll on Twitter

Artists Gazza and Exit are being pitted against each other on Twitter on a – Who is the most successful and talented artist Twitter poll.

Both the musicians have worked tremendously hard in their respective careers, but their successes and talents have left many divided over the issue of fame.

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Gazza’s revamped look

The Misunderstood hitmaker Gazza is one of the most popular artists in Africa as well as internationally. Despite being in the industry for over 20-years now, Gazza continues to rock Africa with his music.

Gazza recently took to Instagram to show off his new hairdo. He went as far as recording his trip to the salon, as well as his recording the new hairstyle being done.

He posts the videos and the pictures with the caption β€˜Hit or Miss?’.

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Gazza 10th studio album is out!

Multi-award-winning musician Gazza, has thrilled his fans by bringing out his 10th studio album Long Journey.

Gazza announced on Instagram that the album has been released and is available on all digital streaming platforms.

"Hola my people! Ondjila: Long Journey, my 10th official studio album is out now on all digital platforms. One of my personal favorites. You can now sit back and enjoy all my classic albums on all streaming platforms. What was your favorite song on this album? Let me know,” said Gazza

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Gazza celebrated his wife, Golden Shiimi’s bday in style, awesome cake and all. He wished her the best in life and in their marriage

"Happy birthday my Shingoli, may you keep winning and continue being an inspiration that you are to many. May God bless you all the days of your life as he has blessed me all of mine since the day I met you,' wrote Gazza.

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Gazza pays tribute to Mshoza

Gazza voiced about how distraught he was by the untimely death of SA's Kwaito first lady, Mshoza who died in Johannesburg hospital after suffering a short illness.

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